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Countdown to Tokyo: Olympians and their parents

The Tokyo Olympics begin July 23rd.
The Tokyo Olympics begin July 23rd.

(KYMA, KECY/ NBC News) - The countdown to Tokyo approaches only two months away before opening ceremonies for the 2021 summer games where athletes across the world will come together to compete for gold.

With the games just around the corner, it's important to realize the things in life that drive us to do the things we want to do. Whether it is your job or your extra hobbies on the weekends. There are several factors that go into how people live their lives every day.

For Olympic athletes, it is no different.

These athletes compete at the highest level and shoot for excellence for many different reasons, as well. Most of them though, get started on their path because of one big reason: their parents.

"Both my parents were collegiate athletes, so I was pretty much destined to be an athlete at an early age," said Olympic swimmer, Lilly King. "The relationship with my parents has been super important, obviously, I mean I think everybody would probably say that."

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