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Leslie McClendon to serve as new Deputy Mayor on Yuma City Council

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News 11's Adonis Albright speaks with McClendon about her vision for the city in the new year

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Leslie McAdams McClendon was unanimously voted in to fill the role of Karen Watts as the new Deputy Mayor on the Yuma City Council. McClendon has served on the council for a decade now. Heading into what will be her eleventh year in public service, McClendon is proud of the work she has done.

“It feels exciting to do this new chapter, I’m glad that my council members have faith in me", said McClendon.

Although the role of Deputy Mayor isn't drastically different from her typical duties as a council member, it's a title McClendon is taking great pride in.

"Well to me it’s an honor. I’m absolutely excited to do this, I am there to help the mayor whenever he is not available. I do step in a few times for him to help with proclamations, to be there when he can’t be there. But it’s also another voice for people to come to if they’re not able to reach him, then they can come to me.” 

McClendon said her kids motivated her to dive in to the world of public service. They were concerned about the opportunities that would be available to them in Yuma after graduating high school and college. McClendon wanted to change that not just for them, but for the community at large.

“We’ve expanded so much, there’s so many big opportunities for us now with businesses coming into Yuma, we’re hoping to build a new university some day. I mean, there’s a lot of opportunities that I never would have imagined 10 years ago - imagine even further than that."

In the new year, McClendon said the city council is focusing on the city's new strategic plan, which, among other things, includes the new Riverfront project, and making it easier for new industry to come into Yuma.

"There are a whole lot of opportunities, but the number one thing is that we want to grow Yuma into the future. That's the plan and that's where we're headed. So, the strategic plan puts us there, and I believe we'll be working on that most of this year."

McClendon expressed her gratitude for the love and support of her fellow council members, and the Yuma community over the years.

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