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2 arrested after Los Angeles firefighter goes missing in Mexico

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles firefighter who vanished in Mexico in August may have been shot during a botched kidnapping and two people have been arrested, authorities said Friday.

Two Mexican nationals, a 32-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man identified only as Fanny “N” and Santos “N,” were arrested Thursday night on a highway near Rosarito Beach, south of Tijuana, announced Hiram Sanchez, the attorney general of Baja California.

Francisco Aguilar, 48, still is missing and authorities will continue searching “as if he is alive,” Sanchez said.

Aguilar, a 20-year Fire Department veteran, disappeared on Aug. 20 after traveling to his condominium near Rosarito.

Authorities believe that the woman made a date with Aguilar in Rosarito and when he showed up the man jumped him in a kidnapping attempt, Sanchez said.

“He somehow managed to get rid of his captors, tried to run, and as he ran they shoot and injure him and put him in the van,” Sanchez said.

Authorities who made the arrests found some of Aguilar’s belongings, including credit cards that had been used in Rosarito, Ensenada and Tijuana after his disappearance, authorities said.

Authorities said the couple denied having any information about Aguilar’s whereabouts.

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