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Pro-life groups protest against legalizing abortion in Mexicali

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MEXICALI, B.C. (KYMA, KECY) - Senators from Morena aim to guarantee safe abortion as basic health right in Mexico.

Pro-life groups in Mexicali expressed their dissatisfaction with the proposals.

The group, Frente Nacional por la Familia in Baja California, argued that these initiatives give freedom to girls from the age of 13 to have the right to have an abortion without parental permission.

The spokesperson for this group, Marcela Vaquera, and supporters in favor of life, arrived at the Morena facilities, where they tried to deliver a document with signatures against this initiative.

Vaquera clarified that having to decide at a young age to have an abortion promotes the killing of a baby.

They argue that it will aggravate the problem of prostitution where it has been proven that the pimps force women to abort to hide the crime.

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