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More than 80 miles of border wall may be painted black after Trump push

new border wall
NBC News
This is a stretch of the new border wall being built through the Barry M. Goldwater bombing range

(CNN) - The Trump administration is considering painting more than 80 miles of border wall black in Texas, according to US Customs and Border Protection officials, a move in line with President Donald Trump's push to paint barriers that could cost tens of millions of dollars extra.

Earlier this year, CBP, which oversees border wall construction, said it was testing the black coating along some sections of the US-Mexico border in an effort to assess the operational benefits. That could extend to 82 miles in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, Texas. Agency officials told CNN the epoxy coating is an option for when future barriers are built.

"We've got existing contracts with the option in the contract to paint," a CBP official said. The reason behind the black finish, officials argued, is in part to provide a contrast against the natural surroundings.
It could cost an extra $1 million per mile, the agency said.

During an Oval Office meeting last year, Trump told various government officials that he wanted the wall to be painted black and to include French-style doors.

CBP officials, who were not authorized to speak on the record, maintained the idea of painting barriers is not new. They also considered using white, but found that it could blend in with its surroundings.

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