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Baja California governor insists to remain on ‘red alert’ due to the pandemic

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MEXICALI, B.C. (KYMA, KECY)-Baja California's Governor Jaime Bonilla says the state continues to be on red alert for this week due to the rise in cases.

"Really what I should have said is, this is how we are and we are going to wait, when there is a change we will notify it. They were given to understand that each week this would be changing, and this is not the case because it is like predicting how the pandemic comes, "said Governor Bonilla Valdez.

The Secretary of Health in Baja California, Alonso O. Pérez Rico, says two of the municipalities of the entity with the highest population density (Mexicali and Ensenada) are not in conditions for "return".

Pérez Rico says Baja California has a hospital occupation of 59 percent, 156 available beds and 98 ventilators; while the IMSS reports a 64 percent hospital occupancy, 179 available beds and 46 ventilators.

As of Sunday evening, there has been 6,376 negative cases, 1,350 suspected cases, 10,827 confirmed cases, 2,172 deaths, 3,311 recoveries.

Here is a breakdown of the latest numbers of the cities in Baja California:

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