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Local veteran fights for heart surgery amid coronavirus cases surge

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YUMA, Ariz. ( KYM, KECY) - A 63-year-old local veteran, Daniel Heady, served in the United States Army for three years in 1974. Decades later he is now fighting another battle the entire nation is facing.

 “I didn’t get the coronavirus, thank god. But on the 17th of last month, I got a heart attack," said Heady.

And at the start of June, Heady experienced his second heart attack. His message to the world is that you don't have to have the virus to fall victim to COVID-19 as his heart is patiently waits, only pumping 20 percent.  “Our hospital in Yuma is literally full, they are not doing any surgeries," said Heady.

With coronavirus cases skyrocketing the Yuma Regional Medical Center ( YRMC), is currently not doing elective surgeries as they need to keep beds open for the influx of patients they're seeing.

Heady tells News 11 the United States Department of Veterans Affairs locally is not allowing patients indoors. The only communication with his doctor is through video chat.  “We need something set up here to help with all these overflows of people who really need help that’s not COVID," said Heady.

He's calling on state officials to bring more help to Yuma as dozens are in dire need of other surgeries.  “We're not going to get the support from our local hospital unless it’s a flat out emergency where you’re not breathing or something," said Heady.

YRMC said certain surgeries will open sometime in July.

If you would like to help Heady's family with medical expenses during these times here is the GoFundMe Page for the information.

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