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Mexican shelters stop accepting new migrants

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MEXICALI, B.C. (KYMA, KECY)-In the face of the coronavirus pandemic on the US-Mexico border, shelters in Mexicali have stopped accepting additional sheltering of migrants.

The director of the Alfa y Omega migrant shelter, Tomas Diosdado, reported that for security reasons, they are denying entry to new migrants, deportees, and families who have returned as they have arrived with the flu, fever, and cough.

The director said the Mexican government had approached them to provide them with support or instructions on preventive measures and to resort to organizations that have supported them with cleaning supplies like chlorine and antibacterial gel.

Diosdado said that, to date, the federal government has not complied with the support for migrant shelters that it has committed for more than a year.

The Alfa y Omega shelter currently has refugees from Russian, Central American, and Mexican nationalities.

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