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YPG successfully tests artillery that will lead to a new battalion

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - The first test for a future new Army battalion happening in our own backyard.

Yuma proving ground fired off a rocket-assisted projectile this morning that traveled twice the distance than ever before.

The goal of the extended-range cannon artillery is to out strategize our enemies around the world.

From the sound of it, the very first test was a success.

The explosive was shot off from the Kofa Firing Range.

It traveling about forty miles through the desert before hitting its target, a decoy vehicle.

The point of the new capability is to bring all areas of the army together.

“The cyber, information environment, below the sea, above the sea, things in the air, things in the ground altogether a convergence of capability that enables us to fight faster and better than we ever had before," explained General Joseph Martin.

It will also outshine our enemies.

“But what we will have is overmatch in terms of range, accuracy, mass,…and then like I said offset that advantage that allows us to conduct a combined arms maneuver,” explained Brigadier General John Rafferty.

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Ciara Encinas

Ciara Encinas is an Emmy award-winning multimedia journalist who joined the KYMA in May 2018.


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