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Home Grown: The “Hemp-ress” and her “Hemp-ire”


YUMA, Ariz. (KECY/KYMA) - If you are someone who is still skeptical about the Hemp industry, the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension wants to clear the air for growers and the community. 

In today’s Home Grown, we learn from one plant pathologist and “hempress”, as she shows us her “hempire.”

Even to plant experts like Dr. Poudel, hemp is still a new concept in the way it grows and thrives. 

“They have to do some research to find out the best variety, the best management practices, the best planting time for the growers, so when the growers get the license, they are not too lost on where to start from,” said Dr. Poudel. 

The Cooperative Extension is proud to show off their first trial of hemp as they try different irrigation, light and compost methods. 

“We are doing different treatments to see the best management practices for hemp,” said Dr. Poudel. 

So what has the University learned since they began the trial, and how has new aged technology benefited their research?

“First thing is genetics. Do not expect that all your varieties are all going to look the same. You’re going to have different genotypes. The last time we grew, it was the 1950s when agriculture was not as intense,” said Dr. Poudel. 

Because this trial is being done in winter, I was able to see purple hemp!

This discoloration is caused by the phosphorus deficiency in the plant, often occurring in cold climates. 

“You can see quite a few genetics in the field, anywhere from 2 to 24 depending on where you get your seed from,” said Dr. Poudel. 

There are even different genders of hemp plants, allowing farmers to use a male or female plant based on their needs. 

“If you’re going for CBD, you don’t want any males in the field because it will pollinate the female plants and they will go into seed production, which means that all the energy of the plant is going to be devoted to seed production, and your CBD level will be even less than 1%,” said Dr. Poudel. 

If you still find yourself asking: “OK, but what is hemp all about?” the Cooperative Extension is hosting a Preseason hemp workshop & Field day.

“We are going to give you all the information about how we did it, what we did when we planted, did we apply any tests. We’re going to give you all the results of everything we have, so hopefully, it will help the community to know about the production of hemp,” said Dr. Poudel. 

The event is on February 3rd and is free to anyone who wants to attend!

The hemp workshop will start at 9 A.M. at Booth Machinery Inc.: 6565 E 30th St, Yuma, AZ 85365. 

Guests will then participate in a field demonstration from 12:30 to 2.

There will also be free tacos at the end of the day!

To sign up and see a full schedule of the day, click here

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