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Baby gets stuck in heat vent

heat vent baby
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Little Kolson Reedy got stuck in a heat vent under his family's Oregon home

Police stage unusual rescue

COBURG, Ore. (KYMA, KECY) - Police in central Oregon recently responded to an unusual rescue. A baby got trapped in the heating vent!

Saydie Reedy says she knew something was wrong when her house went eerily silent.

"That's all it really takes is just a few minute of silence before they're doing something." says Saydie.

She stopped washing dishes, and started looking for her 10-month-old son, Kolson. Saydie couldn't find the baby anywhere, but his three-year-old brother, Jackson, knew where he was. Jackson steered his mom towards a heat vent in the floor.

"I'm sure dispatch thought I was crazy because I was freaking and screaming." she says.

Saydie says the family had been doing renovations, and hadn't yet screwed down the vent cover. Apparently Kolson was just small enough to slip inside.

Police faced a dilemma. They were too big to go in after the little boy, and he couldn't get out on his own.

"That's a call that we've never had before, and so they trouble shot it really quick, and determined they got to remove some flooring to get to the baby." said Coberg Police Chief Larry Larson.

One officer finally got into the vent through a tiny crawlspace under the home. He was able to lift Kolson into the waiting arms of his colleagues.

The baby had a few scratches, and he was really dirty, but he was otherwise fine.

A few days later Saydie took Kolson to the police station to say thank you to the men who saved him.

She's also sharing her experience online to warn other parents about the dangers of older heating vents.

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