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Dunkin’ Donuts drops foam cups for paper

Expect foam cups to disappear by April 2020

YUMA, Ariz - Say your goodbyes to the Dunkin' Donuts iconic foam cups. The company says it will start to phaseout these cups for paper.

Dunkin' Donuts took to twitter for its announcement, with the hashtag  #doublecupbreakup, referring to their tendency to double-cup cold drinks with an outer foam cup. 

The ads tell customers, "double cup is breaking up."

This practice— now banned— increased insulation for beverages, though it contributed to unneeded waste.

The "double-cup" is more popular in the Eastern United States, however us in the Desert Southwest will still expect to see the foam cups slowly disappear by April 2020.

The coffee chain says it will completely switch foam cups to paper next year.

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