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Journey to the past

For years the Genealogical Society of Yuma Arizona has helped residents retrace their family history.

The group used online tools and records to help members find their ancestors.

Anne Bodine , Secretary of Genealogical Society of Yuma Arizona ( GSYA ) said, ” It helps us have a sense of who were are. We need to know our past. And it just helps us to know what our ancestors went through. Without them, we wouldn’t be here, and they went through a lot. ”

Karen Lynn O’Brien, President of GYSA said, more importantly, it’s also about researching who they were and the historical events they may have witnessed.

” You’re not only collecting names you’re collecting history that goes along with it. What they do for a living or where they went to. Or where they come from, ” said O’Brien.

But it’ll take time and patience to discover one’s roots.

Bodine added, ” It can take five or ten years before you find anything. You just have to keep at it. People don’t understand that. And if we can help guide them and help them. Guide them into some areas where they might find records. It can take a long time. ”

During the journey, one might even find more family members that they never knew existed.
Betty Mcentire , a member of GSYA said, ” You gain more knowledge of different branches of your family. And it just kind of gives a cohesive feeling to the whole world you know that you have cousins all over. It’s not just you here alone. ”

The Genealogical Society of Yuma meets every last Saturday morning at the Yuma main library.

KYMA News Team


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