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Local schools prepare for upcoming school year

COVID precautions in the classroom, what you need to know - News 11's Arlette Yousif reports

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Local schools are busy as can be preparing for the new school year, as usual, this time of year, but with added safety measures being implemented to fight COVID. While some districts have COVID rapid tests on hand, others have added air purifiers in each classroom.

Desert View Academy officials say everyone is excited to return to school, not just the faculty and staff.

"What we're seeing is that many parents and students are eager to get back to school and they're looking for a safe environment. So that's what we are providing, is a safe, nurturing, caring, healthy environment for all," says Desert View Academy Principal Deb Weigel.

Several tables outside each classroom are topped with disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer, and paper towels... all donated by parents.

"We purchased air filter’s in every classroom. We know that that’s one of the best ways, is to keep that air filtering and going all the time. And of course, reminding students to wash their hands several times a day, using hand sanitizer, washing their hands with soap and water, encouraging kids to stay home when they’re sick," explains Weigel.

Masks are optional for both faculty and students at the academy. Other schools are implementing their own health measures, some are still offering homeschool options.

One local mom says even though she pulled her daughter out of preschool due to the pandemic, she’s now ready to send her to kindergarten.

"She’s going to do the best she can do washing her hands and things like that. And the schools going to do the best that they can do. And really, that’s, that’s all I can ask for because children need to be around children, in my opinion," says local parent Brianna Perry.

Perry says the more we learn about COVID and the Delta variant, the better equipped we are.

"The more information we get about it, the more we can make the right decisions. So whether my child has a cough or a fever or something like that, obviously, I’m not going to send her to school," explains Perry.

For details on what your child’s school is doing to help protect students and staff, you are encouraged to check their website.

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