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We’re sorry, but if you still use:😂 you’re uncool

(KYMA/KECY) - Bad news for those that still use the "😂" emoji: it is now deemed 'uncool'.

In recent weeks, two internet-savvy generations have encountered videos and comments on TikTok about the distinctive seals that represent a millennial culture that Generation Z, born after 1996, finds 'uncool'. Gen Z also finds skinny jeans, hair styles with a mid-part as 'out'.

"What is wrong with the 'crying laughing' emoji," asked a TikTok user. Another responded, "it's such a thing of the past!" In a different video, a woman said she's stopped using it after learning that younger generations are not using it, to which another user responded with: "you should prob use it because we sure are not."

A 21-year-old interviewed by CNN Business said he stopped using after seeing 'older people' using it, older people like his mom, older siblings and older people in general.

For many members of Generation Z, the "💀" has replaced the emoji once known to say you're laughing hysterically. Other acceptable alternatives: the "😭" emoji known as "loudly crying Emoji" or by simply writing 'lol' acronym for 'laughing out loud'.

Another emoji: "🤣" known as "rolling on the floor laughing" Emoji is also now considered uncool. Some simply saying..."they just don't like it".

"Face with Tears of Joy" is the official name of the unpopularly-deemed Emoji. It took Emojipedia's "Most Used Emoji on Twitter" in 2020. Apple also added that it was the most popular Emoji in the U.S.

Generation Z was born into a moment where the Internet was already omnipresent, to say the least they were born with it on the palm of their hands. Older generations tend to use the Emojis literally, while Gen Z likes to get creative by adding their 'own meanings'.

For example, the "🤠" Emoji, seen wearing a cowboy hat, when used together with the Emoji of a standing person signifies 'being uncomfortable'. Other combinations include a positive Emoji with something negative, 'we are a very sarcastic generation' said one member of Generation Z.

To add salt to the wound, Gen Z also finds those that have an Android....well you know how that goes.

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Christian Galeno

Christian Galeno joined KYMA/KSWT in July of 2019 as a Weekend Anchor and multimedia journalist.


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