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A local athlete is taking her skills to the big game

Yuma-Native Jennifer Herrera is all about positivity and staying active

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Growing up in the Desert Southwest has made this former Kofa King a force to be reckoned with. Jennifer Herrera says that her dad drove her and her siblings to stay active and to always leave it all on the field.

Even now, Herrera plays soccer while juggling two teens, a pre-teen, and work. But, for quite some time she has had her eyes on a bigger prize. Herrera says that she started watching Women's Football on television and was just amazed by it.

In 2020, the X League was created and began creating teams all over the country. Herrera knew they'd soon make their way to the desert.

Football is a perfect sport for Herrera whose positive attitude and energy could only be described as volcanic, waiting to explode with enthusiasm. It didn't take long for Herrera to get word that the Arizona Red Devils were looking to hold open tryouts.

Herrera's trade is physical training and on top of her usual workout, she began doing drills. She increased her endurance and mass to be able to play in the main arena.

Women's Football is nothing to make light of, they're just as intense as their male counterparts. The only major differences between the two are a shorter field and fewer players.

But, these players are driven, ambitious and tough as nails. And now a Yuman will take the field, a dream Herrera says she was committed to making a reality.

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