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Border Patrol agents being housed at Best Western in Foothills

The same hotel that was originally being considered to house migrants is now housing Border Patrol agents, and residents are relieved - 13 On Your Side's Luis Lopez reports.

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Many residents in the Foothills were outraged to see buses used to transport migrants next to the local Best Western hotel.

However, it’s not migrants that are staying there, it’s Border Patrol agents.

On Saturday morning, many residents in the Foothills stumbled upon several buses next to the hotel.

Many residents stopped to take a look, initially thinking that migrants were being housed at the hotel. Which is what was originally planned before being canceled just over a week ago.

When residents found out it was border patrol being housed, they were relieved to hear it. Cody Bowdin, a resident in the Foothills, praised the fact that it was Border Patrol at the hotel.

“If you drive by and see the buses it’s not for housing illegal immigrants this is just, this is housing the border patrol agents, the good guys the American citizens that work their butts off to secure our southern border,” Bowdin said.

Yuma County wants people to know that there are indeed no migrants staying at the hotel, this coming from county board member Darren Simmons.

“You know if it was a detention facility, you’d see a fence up around it, but this is just border patrol agents coming in to help with you know the search that they’re seeing along the border.”

As of right now it’s unclear how many border patrol agents are staying at the hotel, and for how long they’ll be there for.

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Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez is a MMJ covering both news and sports for both CBS 13 and NBC 11. Working his first professional newsroom job, Luis is a 2021 graduate of San Diego State University, where he majored in Journalism.

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