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Records: 32 gun-smuggling cases in Arizona in 2018

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) — Federal court records document numerous cases in which people are charged in Arizona with smuggling guns into Mexico, where such firearms often figure in drug cartel violence and other criminal activity.

The Arizona Daily Star reports that a review of federal court records in Arizona found 32 gun-smuggling cases in 2018 and that the records indicate that most didn’t result from seizures at border crossings.

Instead, the Star reports, most investigations began either with agents scouring suspicious paperwork at gun stores or following up on firearms being traced back to Arizona after being recovered in Mexico.

The 2018 cases included young people buying weapons for $100 payouts, a man buying rifles from gun stores every few days for nearly a year, and heroin addicts selling .50-caliber rifles to their dealers.

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