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More children will soon be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine

Meeting to take place regarding the availability of the vaccine

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (KYMA, KECY/CNN) - The Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Vaccine Advisory board will have a meeting on Tuesday discussing the expansion of the Pfizer vaccine for younger kids.

It's estimated that about 28 million kids will soon be eligible for the vaccine if the decision is accepted, which will make the vaccine available as soon as November.

Doctor Ashish Jha made a statement regarding this meeting saying, "It’s going to protect them. Obviously, it’s also going to add population immunity to our broader population, which will help bring infection numbers down. It is going to be one more important step towards getting to the end of this pandemic.”

Ever since COVID-19 vaccines have become more available, nationwide data has shown the decline in Coronavirus related cases.

Other health experts such as Doctor Jennifer Shu have also made comments.

"If we add children to that mix we can get our numbers way higher up and hopefully prevent anymore variants from coming," says Shu.

Despite the widespread availability, it will still be up to parents to decide if their children should get vaccinated.

A recent survey shows that about a third of parents would rather wait to give their children the vaccine, with another third wanting to get them as soon as possible.

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