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Red Lobster, Mountain Dew team up with a new cocktail

(CNN) -

Meet the Dew-garita.

A new margarita made with Mountain Dew.

It's part of the restaurant chain's new partnership with Pepsico.

Presumably, at least Mountain Dew and tequila but Red Lobster isn't divulging the exact recipe.

Whatever's in it Red Lobster says the new cocktail pairs beautifully with its cheddar bay biscuits.

It's also just the beginning of what could come out of the new partnership.

Think about Pepsi's product line and red lobster's menu items and let your imagination run wild with what might be on the horizon.

Don't forget… Pepsico also owns Frito-lay.


Jasmine Arenas

Jasmine Arenas is the weather and sports anchor for KSWT.


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