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Decision 2022

Local politicians weigh in on the first presidential debate


YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - With the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden in the books, many people were left dumb-founded on how the debate went down.

Rep. Charlene Fernandez, Arizona House of Representatives District 4, says it was hard to ignore the continuous interruptions made by President Trump.

"It was just totally disheartening. You want to hear a debate and all I heard was interruptions, chaos and accusations. That's what I heard."

President Trump said he's done more in the past 47 months than Biden has done in 47 years.

Something Representative Tim Dunn agreed on.

Dunn said the United States had the best economy in the world before the coronavirus pandemic struck. He continued to say Arizona especially, it's economy was headed in the right direction.

During the debate, the coronavirus was a hot topic.

Democrats showed they want to take things slow, while Republicans are anxious to get the ball rolling.

For Arizona State Senator candidate Travis Angry, he agrees with the President on a need to reopen businesses.

"Families have to be able to take care of themselves. Yes we want to be cautious in our approach in opening. No one wants to not be cautious but we need to be able to move towards that because without our businesses growing, being effecting, families are hurting."

Travis Angry - LD4 Arizona State Senator Candidate

While during much of the debate, both candidates were at each other's necks.

Yuma Democratic 2nd Vice Chair Edgar Melendrez thinks Biden did a great job at holding his composure. Melendrez said unlike the President, Biden was giving clear details on what plans he has for the next four years.

When the President did present any future plans, Representative Charlene Fernandez claimed them to be invalid.

Fernandez citing when the President said there will be a coronavirus vaccine within a few months, and the White House contradicting that, saying it'll be by next summer.

The inconsistency between the two, Charlene said, shows the President doesn't have a plan.

While the next Presidential Debate is on October 15, locals hope it can be handled differently to be able to hear from both candidates.

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