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Arizona GOP leaders call for every vote to be counted

Press conference follows protest outside Phoenix vote processing center

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - A group of Republican leaders gathered Thursday in Phoenix to call for every single Arizona vote to be counted.

Representatives Paul Gosar and Debbie Lesko, joined GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, and senior Trump campaign advisers for a press conference outside the state party headquarters. The group said it's monitoring the ballot counting process to make sure it's both accurate and fair.

"One of the reasons we're standing here is that we want to assure the integrity of elections in Arizona." said Ward.

"Every legal ballot must be counted. we're here to protect every legal vote." said David Bossie, a senior Trump Campaign Advisor.

Arizona Republicans have not said whether they'll file a lawsuit to dispute presidential results, but they're not ruling out the possibility.

"All of the litigation strategy are completely being thought about and contemplated. there's been no decisions on anything as of yet but, absolutely, all options are on the table to protect single legal vote that has been made in Arizona." said Bossie.

The press conference comes the day after a group of protestors, some of them armed, assembled Wednesday night outside a vote processing center in downtown Phoenix. Demonstrators accused Democrats of trying to steal the election, chanted against media outlets who called the race for Biden, and accused poll workers of suspicious activities involving Sharpies.

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Similar sentiments were expressed by the protestors who gathered to hear Thursday's statements.

The Trump Campaign has already said it will call for recounts in several of the states it lost to Biden, and file lawsuits if need be.

The Arizona race is still considered too close to call, but former Vice President Joe Biden remains a slight lead over President Donald Trump.

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