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Decision 2020

Lynne Pancrazi aims for another term to protect the county’s roots and values

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - On the November ballot, the Yuma County Board of Supervisors District 5 race is heating up, with Democratic incumbent Lynne Pancrazi looking to keep her seat.

Pancrazi says she vows to provide county residents with excellent services for the least amount of property taxes the county can charge.

“That's the main goal is to provide services to Yuma County, you know, most of of Yuma County is in the unincorporated areas mostly okay so. So that's the main job,” Pancrazi said.

The Yuma native doesn’t want to lose sight of our rural roots and values.

That includes fighting to keep Colorado River water protected in rural areas, like the most recent request to move water out of La Paz County and move it into Maricopa County.

She tells 13 On Your Side's Cody Lee that Yuma County could be next if things are not resolved.

Pancrazi explains why she’d make a better fit than her opponent.

“By having that knowledge and knowing how to testify in front of committees and being up there having been up there. I know how to work with the legislature and I've been doing it.”

Pancrazi adds, “I served on appropriations in the senate for four years. And so the state budget, and the county budget. I've learned. I've learned budgets I know how to manage them.”

Pancrazi also states she fully supports Yuma County’s various police departments and sheriff’s office.

Saying she paved the way for the Yuma County Sheriff's Office (YCSO) to acquire two more deputies.

“I am very supportive of police and there is not a chance that I would ever consider... what, defunding our police or sheriff's department.”

The incumbent also continuing to back her stance on the second amendment.

“The thought of ever considering taking somebody weapons away from them. They're hunting, [other I have a whole family full of hunters and fishermen.”

Pancrazi will face off against Republican businessman Page Misenhimer in the November election, less than 50 days away.

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