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Decision 2020

State Rep. Joanne Osborne hoping to stick around in District 13

YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Representative Joanne Osborne is up for re-election in Legislative District 13. Osborne currently serves as the Vice-Chairman of Military & Veterans Affairs. She is also a state committee member of land and agriculture.

Osborne told us she stands with protecting Yuma’s portion of the Colorado River.

We spoke on many issues including education. As school begins for some local students, Osborne shares her viewpoint.

“I can tell you, kids need to be in school, and they need that socialization. They need that imagination. And there is a balance to everything that we're going through with this virus. We want to be protected. We want to protect what we can. But at the same time, there's a balance of, you know, our children's and just society's health in general, and their mental health,” she said.

The two incumbents Joanne Osborne and Tim Dunn will face off against Steve Montenegro in the Arizona primary on August 4th.

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