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Decision 2020
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Still no winners announced in Iowa

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State Democratic Party dealing with fallout from failed app - NBC News' Chris Clackup reports

With 75-percent of Iowa caucuses counted, Pete Buttigieg is leading the pack in Iowa, with Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren rounding out the top three. But nearly 48-hours later, the caucus count remains in doubt.

On Wednesday, Democratic Presidential hopefuls focused only briefly on the caucus chaos.

"I assume one of these years the vote count will be completed." said Senator Bernie Sanders, (I) Vermont.

The Democratic Presidential candidates have already moved on to New Hampshire and it's primary next Tuesday.

"Every single , solitary vote is going to matter in this primary," said former Vice-President Joe Biden.

Some focused on wooing young crowds who'll cast their first votes ever next week.

"Now, this is it..this is our moment and this is the moment for you," Sen. Amy Klobuchar, (D) Minnesota, told a crowd.

But the disaster in Des Moines, being blamed on a faulty app, has thrown doubt on the caucus count.

"As Chair of the party, I apologize deeply for this," said Troy Price, the chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party.

The problems are raising doubts about the caucus format with national party officials.

"This is likely and should be the end of the Iowa Caucus." said former party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Current DNC chair Tom Perez is promising the faulty app won't be used in caucuses and primaries moving forward. But not before President Trump labeled the Democrats' debacle as an "unmitigated disaster."

After his surprisingly strong showing in Iowa, Pete Buttigieg has bumped up in the polls in New Hampshire, but still trails far behind Bernie Sanders from neighboring Vermont.

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