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2020 Presidential Election

President Trump hosts Latino roundtable in Phoenix

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Discussion caps west coast campaign swing

PHOENIX, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - President Donald Trump spoke to Hispanic supporters in an event his campaign labeled as a “roundtable” meeting in Phoenix.

The president said he came to Arizona to listen, but he is also tried to energize the crowd of several hundred people, few of whom wore masks. Fewer practiced social distancing.

The stop was his last on a weekend trip to California, Nevada and Arizona. He told the crowd, “You need a lot of energy to do this job properly,” in a jab at jab at Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Trump criticized the former vice president for spending so much time in his home state of Delaware. “I think Delaware is a good place, but you gotta leave it on occasion.”

Polls show a close race in Arizona. The state is traditionally Republican, but Democrats are polling well ahead of the November general election. Trump tried Monday to rally Hispanic voters to his cause, citing low unemployment rates for the Hispanic population prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Latino community has been hit hard by the pandemic. The latest unemployment rate for Hispanics stood at 10.5% in August. Trump promised supporters he'll revive the economy and says “we’re coming back very, very strong.” He says Biden would jeopardize that revival.

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